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Entertainement Games

Do you have an idea for game? Or a good story for a fun plot? We can help you develop your own games, our team is ready to work with you from the very base of the mechanics to the point of publishing your very own game.

Training Games

A game is a powerful and educational way to teach. When you are able to teach content in a fun and engaging way, the learning process is complete, focused and effective. We can develop the best training games for you.

Advertising games

With the growth of the internet, advergames have proliferated, becoming the most visited aspect of brand websites and becoming a part of brand media planning in an increasingly fractured media environment.

Design and art consulting

Our team is ready to help your brand/product in whatever media you need, we can create 2D art, such as, concept art, sprites, textures and environment backdrops and 3D art, such as, models, animations and level layout.

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Our Team

Henrique Heltai


+55 84 99921-2385

Pedro Bastos


+55 84 99646-4766

Allan Marlon

Art Director | 3D Artist

Felipe Machado

Animations Manager

Lucca Medeiros

Concept Artist

Abraão Segundo

3D Lead Artist

Larissa Villard

Accounting | Financial

Bill Labonia


Maximiliano Guerra

Game Designer

Luiz Lima

Game Designer | Programmer

Anchieta Xavier

Level Designer | Game Tester

Rodrigo Marques

Technical Artist

Alex Fontes

Concept Artist

Will Silva

Concept Artist

Natalia Bacetti

Concept Artist

Yan Kyohara

Concept Artist

Harrison George

Concept Artist

Alex Oliver

3D Artist

Gabriel Paula

3D Artist

Thompson Borges

3D Artist

Andre Castro

3D Artist

Junior Guerhard

3D Artist

João Neto

3D Artist

Gustavo Medeiros

3D Artist

Isabel Maciel

3D Artist

Alexandre Ferreira

Environment Artist

André Mucci

3D Artist

Gabriel Neves


Daniel Motta

Level Designer

Antonio Teoli

Sound Designer

Edson Lemos

Actor | Marcial Artist

Wesley Schneider

3D Rigger

Felipe Lima

Level Design | Architect

Rodrigo Dutra

Animation Director

Danilo Pinheiro

3D Rigger

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